New Texas Program Aims to Combat Student Loan Debt

As time progresses and the job market requires more education from prospective employees, it is becoming harder and harder to avoid having to obtain a college education. The competition for college admission has made the price of a college education skyrocket, so much so that student loan debt is now in the trillions. Many people […]

Texas A&M University recognized as one of the best values in the country

Texas A&M University once again appears as one of the leading national colleges when it comes to academics and cost. The U.S. News & World Report has released their 2013 college and university rankings and one of the most important categories, in the current economic environment, is best value. The term is based on the […]

College 7s is returning to College Station

While everyone is in a ruckus with football starting up, so are a lot of other college sports. For example, has released their top 25 rugby teams and our own Texas A&M starts off the season in a respectable 17th place. What’s even more exciting for the Aggies is that Texas A&M will be […]

Changing of the guard for Texas Tech and Lamar University

James M. Simmons, President of Lamar University, has announced his retirement. Simmons will finish off the 2012 calendar year and is expected to serve his final day January 31, 2013. Many at the university credit Simmons as a major part of the schools success. During his 14 years as University President, enrollment in the school […]

Don’t forget your shots

Immunizations have always been a vital part of maintaining a healthy environment for students on campus, but fast moving laws might have caught some students and school faculty off guard. Earlier this year, legislation was passed that required almost every student to be vaccinated against bacterial meningitis. The sweeping changes seemed to occur almost overnight […]

Offering a pork free education

Generally, the choices a college president has to make are those affecting academia, enrollment, budgeting. But, Michael Sorrel of Paul Quinn College went beyond that and made an interesting lifestyle choice for the students on campus. Sorrell banned pork from the campus dining hall. Paul Quinn College has been going through a renovation of sorts […]

Online education on the rise

There’s a new trend developing at college campuses all across the country. More and more schools are skipping out on the campus and serving classes straight to the student, online. A prime example of the online education method is Western Governors University – Texas. The online-centric university is a private non-profit school that has taken […]

Texas benefits from Penn State exodus

The hemorrhaging of talent has not stopped for the Penn State Nittany Lions. Since the heavy sanctions against the program, Penn State has lost eight players to transfers, two of them starters. Anthony Fera is the second starter to leave after the 1,200 yard rusher Silas Redd headed west to the University of Southern California. […]

University affiliated Texas hospitals given top ranks

In a recent hospital ranking report put out by U.S. News & World Report, Baylor University Medical Center and University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center rank among the top hospitals in the nation. University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center is regarded as the #1 cancer treatment center in the country and nationally ranked […]

Local community colleges team up with businesses to provide job training

North Central Texas College and Tarrant County College have partnered with GE Manufacturing Solutions to provide an all-expense paid job skill training program. Thanks to the Skills Development Fund of the Texas Workforce Commission, 275 GE employees will get to participate in 160 hours of training that will develop specific trade skills to help prepare […]