Iowa Colleges and Universities

Iowa is the home to quite a few colleges and universities as well as techincal, vocational, trade and community colleges. Be sure to check out everything Indiana has to offer the future student.

University of Iowa alumni find a business opportunity on campus


University of Iowa alumni, Josh Bass, Bryan Ilg and Tommy Le exited college and entered into one of the most difficult job markets in the last couple decades. Rather than wading into a life of interviews and job searching, the trio decided to take a different approach, the path of the entrepreneur. The group had […]

University of Iowa students looking for cheap rent?


So you’re currently attending or will be attending the University of Iowa and you need a nice low cost place to live? Well we got the place for you. Currently the house is occupied by six members of the buckeyes baseball team, one hockey player, an older gentlemen named Tim and a 10 year old […]

University of Iowa library is a cook’s treasure chest

College Students

Long time restaurant owner, teacher, chef and philanthropist, Louis Szathmary, was considered to have one of the largest culinary arts collection in history. The former chef laureate at Johnson & Wales University collected some 400,000 pieces of art, books, recipes and memorabilia. One of his many donations include thousands of recipes dating as far back […]