Rutgers University announces the opening of the Tyler Clementi Center

Rutgers University, in conjunction with the Tyler Clementi Foundation, announced that it will be starting a new task force to help tackle difficult social issues that burden many of today’s students. The Tyler Clementi Center, named after the former Rutgers student who took his own life after his sexual orientation was outed by his roommate’s […]

Princeton University to provide staff and students free flu shots

The 2012-2013 flu season has been a bit of a shock everyone this year. After posting a record low number of influenza cases last year, clinics and hospitals are seeing a dramatic increase. The final quarter of 2012 saw more than 22,000 reported cases, 25 times higher than the previous year. In response to the […]

Student debt in New Jersey increases dramatically

In 2010, the average student loan debt for a college graduate with a bachelor’s degree was just shy of $24,000. New Jersey was mid pack, ranking #21 on the list of highest student debt (1st place equaling most debt). For 2011, the debt number jumped significantly pushing the state to the 10th highest student debt […]