Oregon crushes Arizona State in an embarrassing defeat

Oregon crushed the Sun Devils in its first true road test on Thursday night in a statement-making 43-21 victory, annihilating Arizona State in one of their biggest games in years. It seemed to be a great start for the Sun Devils after Oregon’s quarterback Marcus Mariota lost a fumble on the second play, setting Arizona […]

Follow Terry Richard on a tour of Oregon’s university campuses

Terry Richard writes for The Oregonion in a section called “Travels with Terry”. As of right now he is preparing a trip to the University of Oregon and Oregon State University campuses and has been collecting quite a list of to-dos and sites to see from readers. The community blog traveling project is still open […]

Oregon marching band performs Gangnam Style

The University of Oregon (UO) marching band has done their rendition of Gangnam Style.  The hit sensation by PSY is now officially out of control. The original video on youtube has over 100 million views and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.  One has to wonder if it will pass 1 […]