New Texas Program Aims to Combat Student Loan Debt

As time progresses and the job market requires more education from prospective employees, it is becoming harder and harder to avoid having to obtain a college education. The competition for college admission has made the price of a college education skyrocket, so much so that student loan debt is now in the trillions. Many people […]

UD Coastal Research Starts from Sandy Restoration Funds

Two University of Delaware research professors were recently awarded funds to start work on multiple projects focusing on environmental damage after Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of the eastern seaboard last fall. Greg Shriver and Chris Williams will be using the funds to assess the impact to regional tidal marsh birds and the damage and degradation […]

FSU Hopes for the Best with Jameis Winston Investigation

Jameis Winston is a quarterback for Florida State University, but his future may suffer as the result of sexual-assault allegations. These stem from an incident that occurred in December of 2012, when a girl said she was assaulted by someone who fit his description. The alleged victim said that the assault took place with physical […]

St. Mary’s College Now Allowing Opposite Genders to House Together

When most students enroll to live in college dorms they will have to live with members of the same sex, even if they don’t want to. This is a pretty standard rule with the majority of colleges, but St. Mary’s in Maryland is now changing their rules. They have decided to forego gender consideration when […]

Hampshire College Cancels Band for Controversy Sparked on Social Media

Hampshire College, which is located in Amherst, Massachusetts, is home to 1,461 students of various backgrounds. In order to create a fun atmosphere and connect students, the college puts on a “Hampshire Halloween” party every year. Each student is allowed to bring up to three guests and the school campus is closed down just for […]

University of Hawaii Study Shows Link Between Individual and Community Health

According to a new study by the University of Hawaii Office of Public Health Studies, about 35.99% residents in some neighborhoods in Hawaii have low health literacy levels. As a result, the residents have challenges understanding basic health information and its importance. In other communities in Hawaii, only 5.3% of residents have low health literacy. […]

Earning College Credits for Work Experience in Arizona

Educators have been addressing the fact that more than 27 percent of Arizona adults have attended college and earned credits, but still have no degree. Many of those adults would be able to obtain a degree if they could learn on the job and earn credits for doing so. Arizona colleges are looking for ways […]

University of Alabama Leads Consortium to Secure Drone Test Site

The Federal Aviation Administration is planning to create six testing sites for Unmanned Aerial Systems, which are more commonly referred to as drones. And if the University of Alabama – Huntsville and the consortium of universities and businesses that its leading have their way, then one of those sites would be in a remote location […]

Donations to Clemson University from Alumni Among Highest in the Nation

Graduates of Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina appreciate all that their alma mater gave them — and once they leave campus with their diploma, they are some of the most likely alumni in the country to give back to their former university. In the 2012-2013 fiscal year, the university was awarded more than $101.9 […]

University of Wyoming Salaries Dip Lower, Faculty Continues to Leave

The University of Wyoming wants to provide its students with the best educational opportunities while also allowing its staff members to conduct essential, groundbreaking research. With the goal of being a top-tier land grant university, the University of Wyoming aims to seek out the top, most qualified researchers and professors. However, this is getting more […]