Watson is coming to Rensselaer

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has announced they will be receiving a version of the Watson super computing system as a gift from big blue partner, IBM. The original Watson was made famous when it competed against and beat former champions on the national game show, Jeopardy! To achieve that accomplishment, the computer has to be able […]

Columbia University gifted $200 million for new institute

Mortimer “Mort” Zuckerman, a Canadian-born businessman, gifted $200 million to Columbia University towards the creation of a Mind Brain Behavior Institute. Zuckerman, well known for owning companies such as Fast Company magazine, U.S. News and World Report and New York Daily News was one of the top 200 wealthiest Americans. “This country has provided me […]

New York University mourns the death of ‘timekeeper’ John Votta

Students at New York University mourned the death of John Votta on Wednesday, October 17th. Mr.Votta, 70 for many years had appointed himself as NYU’s unofficial traffic cop and was known as the ‘Timekeeper’. Although he was not an official staff member of the university, his daily presence was vital to the community on campus […]

Orgo Night: Taking the edge off at Columbia University

Oh finals, most definitely a stressful time at any university. Especially for the poor souls studying Organic Chemistry at Columbia University, whose exams always happen to take place on the very first day of finals week. Throughout the years however, the school’s marching band has shown that it really knows how to take the edge […]

New York schools preparing for the arrival of Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is making a westward march and looks to visit the Big Apple during her North American tour. Schools are already preparing for the high powered storm and many universities have cancelled classes for Monday and Tuesday. The city of Syracuse has announced closures of much of the city services including parks, garbage routes, […]