University of Washington, a role model for college athletics

Big college football and athletics in general means big money, big success and overall better education, right? Well, it’s not really looking that way. Strangely, as emotions and finance goes, there is not a lot of logic or common sense floating around today regarding college athletics. Recent reports show as many as 120 higher division […]

Dean candidate for the UW College of Engineering looks to outside funding

At the University of Washington, the search for a new dean of the College of Engineering is underway. In the latest discussions, two major topics that were brought up included an increase in funding and higher acceptance rates for the college. A new dean will be selected to head up the department beginning in winter […]

UW art student draws the wrong kind of attention

Alert citizens of the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle watched as two young men unloaded a large box from a vehicle and placed it under the Aurora Bridge yesterday morning. From a distance, the box had what looked like two large buttons on the side of the container and was left just two blocks away from […]