Missouri Colleges and Universities

The University of Missouri is a large public college system in the state with several different campuses. Missouri has many public and private schools offering a college degree for students to choose from.

The University of Missouri System hopes to compete for research grants


The University of Missouri System and its four research universities are looking into new ways of promoting their science, medical and engineering projects in hopes to capture a larger portion of national research funding. The Kansas City, Columbia and St. Louis campuses along with the Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla have had […]

Missouri Western State University is taking a STAND against tobacco

Access Denied

It’s not unusual for colleges and universities to be known as a “dry campus”, meaning no alcoholic beverages are allowed on school grounds even if to be consumed at another location. This rule applies to underage students, obviously, but also includes staff and students of legal drinking age. Missouri Western State University is now taking […]