Wisconsin Colleges and Universities

Wisconsin houses dozens of colleges and universities that range from large state institutions to small tribal colleges and exclusive specialized colleges with fewer than 100 students.

Lawrence University brings in some Ivy League muscle

Better job, new job, top job

After nine years of service as president of Lawrence University, Jill Beck has announced her retirement date, June 30. To fill that vacancy, LU has picked up the executive vice president from Princeton University. Mark Burstein announced his appointment yesterday and tendered his resignation from the Ivy League schools which he served since 2004. “It […]

University of Wisconsin game to have purple heart halftime ceremony


Former University of Wisconsin-La Crosse fullback, Jason Church is returning to the Eagles home field, Veterans Memorial Stadium, only this time he will be part of the half time show. The Second Lieutenant Army Veteran and survivor of the war in Afghanistan will be presented with the purple heart on the 50 yard line by […]