A new look for University of California

In a move to modernize the school’s image, the University of California has unveiled a new fresh logo to go on campuses, buildings and marketing material. The design has a solid U silhouette with the top made to resemble an open book and a fading yellow C at its base. The change replaces the “Let […]

USC Halloween shooting suspect charged with four counts of attempted murder

Wednesday 11:30 pm, Halloween night, gunshots were fired outside a party hosted by a student organization at University of Southern California campus. Authorities say it was an argument between Brandon Spencer and Geno Hall that led to Spencer pulling out a gun, shooting Hall three times and wounding three other bystanders. None of whom are […]

Trojans offense gets back on its feet in record setting game against Colorado

As of late, it seems that the University of Southern California Trojans have lost their way, and have been struggling to deliver offensively. They came into Saturday night’s game against lowly ranked Colorado hoping to pack a punch and gain some much needed momentum back. A 55-yard scoring TD pass from USC quarterback Matt Barkley […]

California community colleges feeling the pinch

The California Community Colleges System is the single largest college level education system in the world. With 112 campuses and almost 2.5 million students, there is no other institution like it. But along with its massive reach comes massive problems, more specifically massive budget cuts. With the California general fund, the main source for the […]