University of Alabama Leads Consortium to Secure Drone Test Site

The Federal Aviation Administration is planning to create six testing sites for Unmanned Aerial Systems, which are more commonly referred to as drones. And if the University of Alabama – Huntsville and the consortium of universities and businesses that its leading have their way, then one of those sites would be in a remote location […]

Alabama College Students Rally for Higher Education Funding

Higher Education Day has become an annual tradition of sorts in the state of Alabama, and 2013 was no exception to the rule. On Feb. 28, more than 2,000 students from the different colleges and universities in Alabama gathered at the Statehouse for a peaceful rally to encourage the state government to keep higher education […]

Chalk up another one for Alabama

In overwhelming fashion, Alabama has proven just how dominant the SEC is in the NCAA landscape and clearly placed themselves at the top of the pack. With a monstrous 42-14 victory over Notre Dame they sealed the #1 spot and knocked the Fighting Irish down the ladder. While the score may seem lopsided, it in […]

University of Alabama’s Finish in Four campaign hopes to boost on-time graduation rates

It’s a bit too early to accurately measure the effectiveness of the University of Alabama’s graduation campaign Finish in Four, but the university is hopeful that the campaign will assist students in graduating on time. The Chronicle of Higher Education sponsors a website called College Completion, and according to them, the university currently has a […]