Southern New Hampshire University Gets Backing From Government for Competency-Based Education

Southern New Hampshire University got word in April 2013 that the U.S. Department of Education was giving them the go-ahead to continue to pursue their competency-based education initiatives. With this approval, the college and university system in the United States could change completely. The competency-based education program at Southern New Hampshire University, which is based […]

Report: New Hampshire Made Deepest Higher Education Cuts During Recession

The recession that began in December 2007 had a major impact on almost everyone’s lives, but no one seemed to feel that impact more severely than college students. Due to declines in state funding, more and more colleges had to cut programs, raise tuition prices and decrease spending in other ways in order to make […]

2012 Election at Dartmouth College

The 2012 election is finally here, and last minute efforts to increase the youth vote have taken off at the Dartmouth College campus. The College Republicans and College Democrats have worked around the clock in order to increase voter turnout by campaigning and reaching out to students and members of the community. Throughout the day […]