Kentucky Colleges and Universities

Kentucky offers a balanced choice of schools for prospective students. There are about an even number of great school between liberal colleges, private colleges, state universities and technical colleges.

Politicians make bi-partisanship work for universities across Kentucky

American Football on Field

Even in a time of economic decline, state lawmakers from both parties are coming together to grant state universities the ability to start more than $363 million dollars’ worth of building projects. The largest of the projects include more than $110 million dollars to expand the University of Kentucky’s Commonwealth Stadium. The stadium will receive […]

It’s about the education, the campus, and the water balloons, duh

College Students

When it comes to selecting a college or university, different people have very criteria. Of course, there are the blatantly obvious reasons, such as high academics, strong sports programs, reasonable tuition or generous scholarships. But, sometimes the reason is something much more complex and personal to the individual. I for one didn’t really mind how […]