Maryland Colleges and Universities

The selection of colleges and universities available for those living in Maryland are among the most diverse. The state houses one of those most exclusive military colleges in the nation in Annapolis and a well renown research university in John Hopkins University. Not to mention a fantastic state university and one of the highest rated arts programs in the country.

St. Mary’s College Now Allowing Opposite Genders to House Together

College Students

When most students enroll to live in college dorms they will have to live with members of the same sex, even if they don’t want to. This is a pretty standard rule with the majority of colleges, but St. Mary’s in Maryland is now changing their rules. They have decided to forego gender consideration when […]

University of Maryland hospital reports carbon monoxide poisoning cases

Dark, Ominous Clouds Promise Rain and poor Weather.

The University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center received three emergency cases when a man and two women were brought in with carbon monoxide poisoning. The victims were residents of North Laurel and were part of the Hurricane Sandy black out. Firefighters and paramedics arrived to the residence shortly after a 911 call was made at […]