Wyoming Colleges and Universities

Wyoming is the perfect location for those looking to be surrounded by a beautiful scenic environment while obtaining their college degree.

University of Wyoming Salaries Dip Lower, Faculty Continues to Leave

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The University of Wyoming wants to provide its students with the best educational opportunities while also allowing its staff members to conduct essential, groundbreaking research. With the goal of being a top-tier land grant university, the University of Wyoming aims to seek out the top, most qualified researchers and professors. However, this is getting more […]

University of Wyoming Professor Honored for Online Teaching Methods


While online classes are nothing new to colleges and universities across the United States, not every professor knows how to connect with students over the Internet. University of Wyoming Professor Christi Boggs is the exception to the rule. Her online teaching methods have earned her recognition from colleagues, students and now the university at-large. The […]

University of Wyoming caves under pressure from politicians and special interest group


A little over a year ago British artist Chris Drury installed a piece of artwork named Carbon Sink on the University of Wyoming campus. The sculpture which resembles a vortex of dead wood surrounded by coal with a burnt charring in the middle was paid for by anonymous donors and the Wyoming Cultural Trust. Simply […]