Follow Terry Richard on a tour of Oregon’s university campuses

American Football on FieldTerry Richard writes for The Oregonion in a section called “Travels with Terry”. As of right now he is preparing a trip to the University of Oregon and Oregon State University campuses and has been collecting quite a list of to-dos and sites to see from readers. The community blog traveling project is still open for people to submit their tips, sites, and recommendation, but act quick. He’ll be visiting the University of Oregon starting today through the 19th and then hitting up OSU October 24th through the 26th.

Here’s some of the tips and suggestions he’s received so far. “Suggest you contact the U.O. archivist for campus highlights. Or, contact Keith Richard, who retired as archivist about 10 years ago. I’m sure he’s still around. He’s a great storyteller and can fill you in with insight and lore.”

“The school has a brewing facility at Wiegand Hall. Shoot the manager an e-mail and check it out. Also, the architecture on campus….can’t go wrong with that. Linus Pauling Science Center and Kelley Engineering are absolute marvels to look at and sit around in. Sounds too simple I suppose?”

“Benton hall, the oldest building on campus, has an Ivy covered window on the very top floor that turns the tiny space red in the late afternoon sun. This combines nicely with the old varnished interior and the various sounds of practicing music students. It is lovely.”

To read more tips or see what Terry thinks of his visit to the northwest schools be sure to follow him at or send him a message at This could be the next best thing to you traveling to Oregon and seeing the campuses for yourself. Personally, I’d go just to see if I can score a pair of these sneaks.