College 7s is returning to College Station

American Football on FieldWhile everyone is in a ruckus with football starting up, so are a lot of other college sports. For example, has released their top 25 rugby teams and our own Texas A&M starts off the season in a respectable 17th place. What’s even more exciting for the Aggies is that Texas A&M will be hosting the 2012 collegiate Rugby 7′s National Championship at College Station.

College Station was the location for last year’s championship match between Norwich University and Life University. The Aggies plan to continue supporting College 7s and hope to improve on its performance hosting the event last year. By having an environment where multiple high ranked teams from across the nation can compete at one location is a huge benefit for recruiters and players.

The tournament will be a key process in selecting future national team members. “Being able to see the top athletes from the nation’s best collegiate rugby 7’s teams in one location will be important for our coaches and selectors – both for the Collegiate All American 7’s team as well as for the Olympic 7’s program,” stated Melville.

The two day event will occur on November 30 and December 1 and include 24 men’s and 16 women’s teams from across the country. Club sports director Keith Joseph said, “Our department is committed to hosting and providing the best quality tournament and service to all of the student athletes, parents and fans. Good luck throughout the season to all of the teams, and we look forward to your arrival in Aggie Land this fall.