William & Mary Announces New Dean of Students

Better job, new job, top jobWith the current Dean of Students set to retire July 1, the College of William and Mary has announced March 11 they have filled this important position within the university. According to The Virginia Gazette, Marjorie S. Thomas will take on the role of Dean of Students, running the university department that coordinates academic advisors and liaisons for the students at the university.

Currently, Thomas is working at the College of Charleston as the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs. In addition to the wealth of knowledge that she brings with her from this particular position, Thomas also has more than 20 years in the higher education industry. The university feels that her previous work as a student affairs administrator qualifies her to work in this capacity. Once on campus, Thomas will be able to serve on the senior leadership team that has been developed for administrative officials. As a part of that important organization, she will work to advocate for students and help to manage student crises that occur on campus. It will be her goal and position to ensure that every student is successful at the College of William and Mary.

In a release, Thomas adds that she is excited to be joining the administration team at William and Mary. She states that the university is committed to its student success, and that was one thing that drew her to the position in the first place. She is no stranger to the responsibilities that will come with this role. In her current position at the College of Charleston, Thomas is responsible for strategic planning and policy development at the Division of Student Affairs. This is no small task, given the fact that the Division of Student Affairs at Charleston College encompasses 22 different departments and has a $31 million operating budget each year.

Specifically, Thomas has held several other roles in college administration. Aside from serving as an associate vice president in the student affairs division, she also has been the director of the McNair Scholars Program. She also worked at the College of Charleston in the capacity of a student resources coordinator. While her experience in administration is extensive, Thomas also worked as a faculty member at other universities and colleges. She served as a faculty member at both the University of Georgia and Florida International University. Thomas is no stranger to the college campus, and has spent her life’s work in academia and administration.

Thomas will replace Patricia M. Volp who is retiring as the current Dean of Students. Volp has held this position since 1997. The Office of the Dean of Students is a unique office within the College of William and Mary, as it provides orientation programs, health education programs, student success programs and disability services, among many other services and programs, to the students at the university. In addition, those who work in the office help to advocate for students and serve as a liaison from students to the university. The goal of this department is to work with students throughout their entire university experience in order to ensure success and pride in their work.