USC Halloween shooting suspect charged with four counts of attempted murder

handcuffsWednesday 11:30 pm, Halloween night, gunshots were fired outside a party hosted by a student organization at University of Southern California campus. Authorities say it was an argument between Brandon Spencer and Geno Hall that led to Spencer pulling out a gun, shooting Hall three times and wounding three other bystanders. None of whom are affiliated in any way to the USC.

Hall is expected to survive and the three bystanders suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Brandon Spencer, 19, was arrested minutes after the incident and was charged Monday with four counts of attempted murder. Prosecutors are expected to ask for bail to be set at $2.04 million.

The Halloween shooting is now the third USC-involved shooting this year and Vice President for Student Affairs Michael L. Jackson indicated that officials will take action to cut down open events on campus.

USC’s Black Student Assembly announced on Monday that they are no longer hosting parties for the rest of the semester but will instead focus on cultural programming. They are also now working with the university to improve campus security.

C.L. Max Nikias, USC President, said in a statement that the school was “carefully assessing and reviewing all of the university’s policies regarding visitors and events held on campus” and also added that the risk of this type of violence on campus is low. According to an email Nikias sent to LA Times, he would announce policy changes next week.